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Hebei outstanding mechanical equipment Co. Ltd is a machinery and food packaging machinery and equipment of a set of scientific research, development, design, manufacturing, marketing and technical services in one of the professional manufacture of waterline, the manufacturer of the beverage lines. The company has strong technical development, advanced technology, sophisticated processing technology, service and thoughtful installation, for the different needs of customers at home and abroad, the company's engineers will design the most reasonable mechanical equipment for you. Products are widely used in water lines, beverage lines, medicine, cosmetics, cans and other whole line operation. To undertake the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of automatic production line system. Beautiful appearance and perfect service to win the trust and praise of many customers, the current products have been exported to many countries and regions, and in the country formed a perfect...




Contact: Guo Manager

Phone: 18132326655

Tel: 0310-6566620

Email: 441520902@qq.com

Add: Handan City, Hebei Province, the capital city of the capital city industrial city

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